$650.30 $720.00

A professional-grade makeup system, the MB-620 model is a two layered suitcase with wheels and retractable handles. The detachable top layer can be used for storage of every makeup artist’s essential airbrushing tools and colors whilst a compressor and air tank system is built into the lower level. Aside from traveling to various locales, the MB-620 is also great for indoor use and salons; just roll out the set when needed and it can be neatly stowed away in your shop when not in use.    

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
| Detachable Pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set
| One of each Spray gun holder & Airbrush hanger
| Auto On/Off 40 psi/60 psi (2.8 / 4.1 bar)
| With 2.5 Liter air tank

Airflow: 23-25 LPM
Weight: 12.2 kg / 26.8 lbs
Size: L38 x W31 x H66 cm

*Does not come with air guns, airbrushes, or colors.

110V / 60Hz | US Plug Type